Google Maps – Street View

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Another day, another release by Google. Lately Google releases have been geared towards providing more service in their current products while also creating content. The popular internet proverb, “Content is King” has finally been realized in Google’s development. Street Views on Google Maps allows you to tour streets in cities in 360 view basically an extension of Panoramic photography. This addition is great especially if you want to view the area you will be visiting beforehand from a human’s eye view. And you thought bird’s eye view was cool! This will of course open more opportunities for Google Adwords and was probably one of the main objectives especially with word that publishers might be able to profit from Adsense if they utilize Google Maps on their websites.

Updating these photos will be a hassle, especially in urban areas going through construction periods, such as several areas in Berkeley, CA.  At my current residence there is a nearby area that is being converted from a one level to a mutli-level parking structure. In the photos you only see the one level parking.

All in all, Street Views is a great thrill, but I really don’t see a long term benefit if the current method of photos is used. To be honest I question Google’s mission statement “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” ( Accessible to whom? Consumers? Useful for whom? Advertisers?


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