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  • Hambaba Curls

  • My Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness, Bryan Renshaw (Mr. California) showed me an exercise that he developed to increase the apex of the bicep. He didn't have a name for his idea, so I suggested him to name the exercise after his one of his favorite students. He eventually decided to name the new exercise the "Hambaba curls", the exercise is simple but reaps many benefits Take dumbell Hold the du[...]
  • Best way to eat a Kiwi

  • Ah, the kiwi. Such a tender and juicy fruit the thought of which makes you want to bite into its flesh; it juices gushing out throughout your mouth. It's tangy sweet taste sending you into a state of bliss. Such goodness can make anyone get impatient while prepping kiwis because of the difficulty of peeling the skin. Some might discourage removing the skin and would recommend to eat the skin as we[...]